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Product Specification

Steel Strapping Hand Tools:

For effective packaging

Signode India makes high quality steel strapping the first choice among packaging professionals worldwide because it’s made to the most exacting tolerances, so it goes further and stretches their strapping dollars.

Signode offers two basic types of steel strapping: Apex and Magnus. Each is specially formulated to meet the demands of a particular range of applications.

strapping may perform one or more of the following functions: package reinforcement, carton closure, securement, unitization, baling, bundling, bracing, palletization, compression retention and pilferage reduction.

Manual - Tensioners

Signode pneumatic tensioners take most of the effort out of strapping large or compressible packages. They also make tensioning uniform and precise through adjustment of the air pressure regulator.

All pneumatic tensioners, except the WP-2, have unlimited strap take-up. All pneumatic tensioners are furnished with a quick-disconnect plug.

It is essential that an air filter- regulator-lubricator assembly (Part No. 424773) be installed ahead of the tool on the air line.