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Product Specification

Battery Operated Hand Tools:

Signode battery powered tools for plastic strapping deliver maximum power and performance without the air general costs and inconsistencies of pneumatic tools. With one-button operation and performance enhancing features not found on pneumatic tools, they vastly improve productivity for the application of plastic strapping in heavy-duty hand tool applications.

The BXT2 provides all the benefits of Signode’s proven battery powered tool range-but is faster, easier to use and more productive than ever.

Designed to deliver low cost of ownership, consistency and reliability, BXT2 features ‘Hypercharge Technology’ enabling the BOSCH battery to be charged at any time, with just a 15 minute charge restoring 75-80% of the battery’s total power. Additionally, BXT2 maintains strap tension levels, to the last cycle.

The BXT3 Battery-operated hand tool for plastic strapping.

BXT3-13 for light duty application / 9–13 mm
BXT3-16 for universal application / 13–16 mm
BXT3-19 for heavy duty application / 16–19 mm

GENY Tools
Battery powered tools for Steel strapping applications!

The unique GENY steel strapping (Sealer and Tensioner) tools have been successfully launched to suit many heavy-duty steel strapping applications.

The light-weight GENY tools remove the hazardous and heavy airlines associated with standard tools and reduce operator fatigue greatly. Easy to use, with single button operation and LED illumination of the sealing area make them ideal in almost all applications. The 240 cycles per battery charge offer maximum efficiency in energy usage and eliminate the high costs and inefficiencies of pneumatic systems with a minimised carbon footprint for the tool. The strap tension can be varied up to 6.600 N which is more than suitable for most applications.

- Next generation Li-Ion battery technology
- Light weight, yet durable and easy to use
- Reduced operator fatigue
- Mobile and improved work safety conditions
- 240 cycles per battery charge, battery fully re-charged in less than 30 minutes
- Significantly reduced energy and service costs verses air-powered tools